 Must have a minimum of three years experience in the industry
 Must possess leadership qualities to co-ordinate crew to ensure a safe working
environment for all
 Must liaise with supervisor/ site manager regarding personnel matters
 Must know how to operate drill rig safely
 Must ensure that the rig is in overall good condition and report any faults to
supervisor/ site manager
 Must be able to assemble and service all tools, i.e.
 Core barrels
 Rods
 Pipe wrenches
 Must know and adhere to the check-up procedure prior to starting the rig i.e.
 Check oil levels
 Check that all guards are secured and in place
 Report all faults to supervisor/ site manager immediately
 Ensure good housekeeping practices.

Drilling Staff
 Must know how to load and off-load equipment on truck/ trailer
 Must be able to safely use pipe wrenches; to couple/ uncouple drill rods etc.
 Must have workable knowledge and adhere to safe working practices
 Keep site clean
 Prevent unauthorized entry to drill site
 Must obey all legal orders of operators/ site manager
 Rehabilitate sites according to stipulations

Including, and in addition to the tasks of the assistant, the Core Writer must be able to
do the following:
 Assemble and secure core barrels
 Calculate the depth of the hole drilled
 Pack core accurately and neatly on the core trays
 Keep stock of core trays and advise when new stock is required.

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